​Kelly insists the Burtons are grandfathered in as original Journey members. They "re-planted" from the Chicago area a few months after Journey was born and have been adding family to their mix ever since. Their goal is to gather those who are lost or alone and help them find their place. 

A lifelong communicator, Kelly works directly for the lead pastors and touches most areas of marketing, publications, and content for Journey, including our streaming services, website, and app. She also "works with computers and stuff" in the church office and assists with GFIN. Rod is a leader in the Journey band, where he is usually playing bass or singing, and serves on Pastor Tom's advisory board.

They are the parents of  Josh (Kirsten), Paige, Miranda, Kaity, and Jack, as well as two babies in Heaven, and the grandparents of Nora, and they can be found cheering for the Kentucky Wildcats, riding a Harley, running the beach, or planning their next Disney trip.